We want to say a huge thank you to Botanica for sending us a selection of their amazing products that we use on all our horses and other animals to keep their skin in tip top show condition. 
We use the products all year round here on the yard and at our shows and photoshoots around the UK. 
we even took some to Russia to the world DZHIGITOVKA championships and to Korea to the World Horseback Archery Championships to help both horse and rider. 
Check them out here. 
We are proud to work alongside Equestrian Direct Ltd who have helped supply a brand new Flexi-Ride arena surface at our teaching centre. This surface gives our horses and riders confidence and is the best surface on the market for all us stunt riders, Jousting knights and trainees. Of course it's also fab for all disciplines. 
The team are the first UK team in history to compete in the art of Dzhigitovka - Cossack weapons skills and Trick riding at the World championships in Moscow, Russia, July 2016, 2017 and 2018. 
Karl and Zana also now sit on the committee for the International Equestrian Dzhigitovka Federation - IEDF to help set up this sport and further its growth here in the U.K. 
Zana is honoured to now be given the title of Head of International relations for the IEDF. 
The sport includes Trick riding, lance, Horseback Archery, knife throwing and shashka sword skills all timed and points matter! 
There is no funding for the sport currently and Zana and Karl have trained the team in their own time for no reward to see the team get to Russia to compete at this prestigious event. 
Zana personally picked up a silver medal in Horse Archery and the team came third overall in the first year and in 2018 Zana came top female overall in the weapons sections and won the bronze medal in the womens class overall. 
We are looking for sponsors for 2019. 
Want to sponsor us? 
You can have the following branded with your company name 
• Our clothing, horse rugs and numnahs. 
• Our stand and stabling area at events and shows with banners, including leaflets about your products. 
• Our lorry which travels nationally every weekend which can be sign written with your company name 
Our horses health and welfare is vital to us and them in order to perform at their best, so feed and supplements sponsors are welcome. 
Please contact us for more info on sponsorship opportunities 
Tel: 01442 462715 
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