Bringing to the UK The New International Dzghitovka Show - Real Russian Cossacks from Moscow working with the British team performing authentic miltary and trick riding skills. 
We also offer talented horses for Filming & fashion photoshoots.  
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Stampede Stunt Company 


The Stampede Stunt Company, established in 2007, have built their reputation on constantly growing and developing their outstanding performances to wow crowds year after year. 
In a true world first The Stampede Stunt Company is now proud to present The International Dzhigitovka Show - The Way of The Cossack Warrior. 
Collaborating with the best of the world's Cossack Trick Riders, National Squad Dzhigitovka Competitors and World Championship Performers, this collaboration has reached around the globe to produce an unparallelled performance of horsemanship and daring skill. 
It only took a conversation at The World Dzhigitovka Championship 2016 in Moscow to create The International Dzhigitovka Show. 
Nothing less than the best competitive athletes and teams from all competing nations delivering outstanding performances that are detailed, scripted, choreographed and presented meticulously. 
Our new shows are suitable for 2 day or more large indoor events, product launches, event openings, main arena acts, large county shows and polo events and we keep the crowds returning year after year. 
The British Team are the only UK team in history to compete at the World Dzhigitovka Championships ( Cossack weapons and trick riding skills), held annually in Moscow, Russia. 
As such we are bringing new unseen stunts and tricks back to the UK after training along the famous Russian Cossacks and are honoured to sit on the International Dzhigitovka Commitee in Moscow. 
We are also delighted to be working with the 2018 World Dzhigitovka Champion - Sergey Murugov from Russia in our performances here in the UK. 
We know that organisers and audience alike have spent good money on the day's entertainment, and we will not leave you anything other than delighted and truly amazed because we supply authentic equine performances that we would like to see ourselves. Totally unique in the UK. 
"The International Dzhigitovka team attended Poynton Show on 25th August 2018 with their “International Dzhigitovka Show” 
On arrival at the show ground the team were very pleasant & professional to deal with, working with us to make sure everything was in order for them to give a great performance. They were very well organised and even spent the evening before the show rehearsing and getting the horses acclimatised to the arena. This is the first time I have ever seen anybody rehearsing on site before the show. 
On show day they gave two thrilling and faultless performances and really wowed our crowds. The performances filled the whole arena and were fast paced with an engaging commentary from start to finish. The stunts they performed were spectacular and the show was also educational with lots of information about Dzhigitovka and its history. 
We are incredibly pleased and satisfied with the quality of the performances and would very highly recommend the International Dzhigitovka Show. 
We have received hundreds of positive comments through our social media with our spectators stating how much they loved the show. There were even several posts claiming that it was the best attraction we have ever had at the show!!! 
Thank you very much to the team for giving us a stunning show. 
Aaron - Main Ring Manager" August 2018 
"We had the pleasure of welcoming the International Dzhigitovka team to Holkham Country Fair, a 2-day event in Norfolk in July and Chatsworth Country Fair, a 3-day event in Derbyshire in September this year. The two events, although based on a similar structure vary greatly in size with audiences of 35,000 at Holkham and 85,000 at Chatsworth. They delivered on all counts, wowing the crowds with their high octane stunts, archery and weaponary skills. The combination of Russian, British and Polish riders elevated this unique Grand Ring entertainment into one of the best 
horse-trick riding demonstrations we have ever had. The Team are easy to work with and great to have around, it was a privilege to have them with us 
this year. I don’t think you will see anything like this anywhere else."  
India Davies - Chatsworth organisers, September 2017 

Why use us? 

The International Dzhigitovka team is the only team in the U.K. which can offer ALL the following for your event.  
The only UK team affliated to the International Equestrain Dzhigitovka Federation - IEDF based in Russia performing authentic traditional Cossack tricks and techniques and working alongside 'real' Russian Cossacks. 
We are honoured to be working with The World Dzhigitovka Champion from Russia here in the UK. 
We are also working with the top female Horseback Archer in the World. 
Full on action by trained performers - We are not just putting on a furry hat and calling ourselves Cossacks, this is the real deal. 
World Champion Horseback Archers displaying skills unseen before in the UK. 
Performance trained Andalucian stunt horses. 
Rearing horses, laying down horses, Cossack Trick riding, 4 Horse Roman riding and fire performance. 
Pyrotechnics from horseback, a UK first, seen at Liverpool International Horse show - Dec 2107. 
Weapons Drills brought back from Russia cutting with sharp swords in formations. 
Blindfolded trick riding 
Human Pyramids and over fire jumps. 
Tricks over jumps and even a fire jump 
Jumps made out of people, yes we jump horses over people!! 
Professionally arranged traditional and upbeat Russian music and presentation with our own sound man. 
Immaculate back stage area with matching equipment for all horses that keeps your event standards high. 
We arrange flights and visas to take the extra work from show organisers and use our own UK based horses. 
The Russian Cosssacks have barely been seen performing here in the UK, the standard of performance is of course world class plus working alongside the British team bringing the UK a truly International show. 
We also only bring happy, well trained and cared for horses. This has been commented on time and time again. 
We have many more years than we care to mention of show experience and have performed at venues all across the UK and abroad. Our shows are unique in every way, from our individually tailored costumes to the first class action and intrigue and the show as a whole one of the best to be seen, all brought to life by performers with years of show experience. 
Attention to detail is everything! 
As you would expect, we hold full public liability insurance. 

Audiences love us 

Tricks are performed on all sides of the arena which includes all your audience so they see the stunts close up as riders and horses whizz past. 
There is no other show on the circuit like it! 
"This is the main reason I got tickets to the Chatworth Country Fair, saw 4 out of 6 performances and you didn't disappoint. The excitement and thrills were wonderful, worth every penny. Thank you all so much for the memories. Will never forget seeing such an amazing performance from Stampede Stunt Company and hope to see you again in the future" x 
"It was a fasted paced spectacle and the exciting stunts completely captured the beach crowd, bringing a new element to the polo matches. The modern music and costumes were certainly a welcomed addition to the programme. A highlight was the smoke stunts which worked brilliantly in such a large beach arena. The team were professional, helpful and very accommodating to the challenges of working on a beach." - Veuve Cliqout Polo on the Beach at Watergate Bay (show organiser) 
"Seen at Chatsworth on Sunday. Absolutely amazing horsemanship and trick riding! The best I've seen and beautiful horses too! An amazing and exciting show." 
“You Guys Rock” 
"This year's show seemed bigger and better than ever! The Cossack riders Dzhigitovka were amazing the best stunt riders I've seen. All the main ring events are always exciting, entertaining and fun!" 
Contact us now for a quote for your event. Call us on 01442 462715 or click here to email us 
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